5th & Fringe Info/Bio

Owner, 5th & Fringe Salon & Spa

First Year:
5th & Fringe came about because of a desire to have a high-end salon, but also still have fun. I have been with Aveda since '95, trained at Minneapolis Aveda Institute & worked at Estetica in St. Paul, MN for years.
Now being in Michigan, I wanted to bring my experience in Minnesota with Aveda to Royal Oak. With the help of my family, friends & Aveda...5th & Fringe became our dream.

Second Year [going on 3]:
Wow, what I have learned & wow, how we ahve grown! So much I would love to say (those of you who know me should know what I am talking about). So here we are, still thankful for those who helped it get here, & also for all those the friends who have helped since (Matthew, Dre, Rusty)! Going forward, we at 5th & Fringe will still stay true to our clients, ourselves & Aveda! Great hair, great skin & great nails. Thanks for the first 2 years! Many more to come.