5th & Fringe's TOP TEN
[what makes us different]

  1. We are an Aveda salon so we have natural products for your hair and body. Check out Aveda's ingredients.
  2. We are non-tipping salon. We believe our service prices reflect our talent. For your benefit, we do not accept tips.
  3. Our shampoo bowls are very relaxing.
  4. Scalp massages. We give our customers scalp massages. It is surprising how a nice scalp massage can relieve the stresses of the day.
  5. Our pedicure chairs are comfy, with heaters and massagers.
  6. We recycle the hair we cut. We try to be earth friendly and recycle paper, plastic, glass and even hair. The hair goes to create mats that are used to soak up oil spills and to cleaning the oil covered animals trapped in these spills. Check out MatterofTrust.org for more details.
  7. Relaxed atmosphere. We are a laid back salon where it is come as you are. We offer Aveda Comforting Tea, a blend of 100% certified organic, and its soothing herbal infusion, naturally sweet, with licorice root and peppermint, steeps you in calm. It has no caffeine, sugar or added flavors.
  8. Fringe trims and neck clean-ups are free. Get your hair done by us and we will clean up your fringe [bangs] or neck line for no charge.
  9. We offer Aveda Pure Privilege. When you join the Pure Privilege Rewards Program you can earn points towards gifts from nature, salon and spa services, Aveda products, eco-variations and more. Here's a link to Aveda's Pure Privilege info.
  10. AskaPro. Not only can you come into our salon and get a free consultation on your hair, skin, nails or makeup decisions, you can go to our website and talk to us about things that you are not sure about. They can be from, “How do I stop getting razor bumps when I shave?” to “What make up techniques would you suggest for a round face?” to “I’m a brunette that wants to go blond. What are the pros and cons of this?” Click to AskaQuestions or SeeTheAnswers.